FreeForm helped us see new possibilities for our annual event, and enabled us to share something we love with a wider audience through an incredible opening event.
— Zaren Healey White & Alexandra Fox, Feminisms {Re}Framed

Build Strategy

Re-focus for your next year of work, or plan the launch of something new. With us, you'll reach your potential.


What We Do:

Strategic Planning
Consultations & Focus Groups
Launch Events
Feedback & Debrief

Why Us:

We specialize in designing innovative and inclusive processes, rooted in the principles of design thinking. Our goal is that you discover more than you thought possible, while ensuring everyone around the table has a voice.


Build Skills

New skills and knowledge take you and your team somewhere new. Let's enjoy the experience -- whether you have your own content to offer, or want us to design a session to help you grow.


Why Us:

We know that a familiar learning environment is not an effective one, and that we need to interact with material to master it. We focus on tailoring our training to the individuals in the room, and leverage their existing knowledge to ensure no one's time is wasted.

What We Do:

Session Design
Conference Planning
Team Building


Have Fun

Let's share a little joy. With FreeForm on your team, you get to enjoy the event too.


Why Us:

The fifth cookie-cutter award show of the season gets pretty dreary. These events are meant to be celebratory -- and we're committed to ensuring everyone leaves happy.

What We Do:

Art Shows
(Music) Festivals
Award Shows
Organization Anniversaries

Not sure?

No problem. We offer free event consultations that can start from the desire to renew an old event, or achieve a specific goal.